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Company overview
With the core competence of mold press working, Waki Factory Inc. offers precision press molding such as fin for the heat exchanger. Taking the result of the active cooperation with University research institutions on finless heat exchanger, heat conductivity enhancement technology by the oblique wavy surface, and warm press, we promise to meet your requirements such as molding of precision fin through our integrated production system of development, prototyping, and mass production with the internally produced molds and the extensive facilities such as servo former and measuring apparatus. We undertake your requests flexibly with our integrated manufacturing system ranging from machining parts, brazing to assembly in order to provide the products you need.
Management Philosophy
■To provide products with the required performance at the desired price and in the delivery time specified.■To continuously develop products and technologies that serve our customers and the broader society.■To build a business organization and culture together where each employee can live a vigorous life.
General business owner action plan
Waki Factory Inc. Action Plan
Corporate Information
◉ Company Name:Waki Factory Inc.
◉ Company Representative:Tsunehito Wake
◉ Establishment:April, 1957
◉ Address:
◇ Headquarters・3-17-3 Imagawa, Suginami-ku, Tokio 167-0035
◇ Tokorozawa Plant・6-760 Higashisayamagaoka, Tokorozawa, Saitama 359-0016
・Ph.+81 4- 2922-5431/ Fax +81 4-2922-5430
◇ Sayama Plant・1718 Horigane, Sayama, Saitama 350-1312
・Ph.+81 4-2968-8904 /Fax +81 4-2968-8905
◉ Our banks:
Towa Bank, Ltd. Seibu Shinkin Bank, Sumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation, Resona Bank, Limited.
Corporate History
April 1951 Founder and Management Director, Yoshizoh Wake
April 1957 Reorganized into Waki Factory Inc.
Established Waki Factory Inc. in Imagawa, Suginami, Tokyo Started manufacturing of electronic goods, parts of agricultural equipment and measuring instruments.
December 1957 Haru Wake inaugurated as president
June 1970 Relocated to new building in Tokorozawa, Saitama for expansion of facilities
February 1984 Masato Wake inaugurated as president
August 1985 Sub Assay plant and mold storage established
December 1998 Kimiko Wake inaugurated as president
May 2005 The industry-academia corporation body of M-HEXA ALLIANCE established by Shikazono Laboratory of the University of Tokyo, Waki Factory Inc. and Kandori
April 2007 Started the development research of ultra-small finless heat exchanger on the research grant program of Tokyo Metropolitan Small and Medium Enterprise Support Center
November 2009 Under the Kanto Bureau of Economy’s Strategic Core Technology Advancement Program (Support Industry Program), developed the technology of warm pressing wavy intersecting projections on Steel Special Use Stainless
November 2009 Under the grant for Monodukuri SME product development support (support operation for prototyping) by the Federation of Small Business Associations, developed the water cooling system for laptop computers
September 2011 Under the grant for Monodukuri SME product development support (support operation for prototyping) by Federation of Small Business Associations developed axial fans spec for heat exchanger parts that supports 400W for water cooling High-Brightness LED spotlight etc.
October 2011 Under Adaptable and Seamless Technology transfer Program through target driven R&D (A-STEP) of Japan Science Technology Agency developed compact exhaust heat recovering heat exchanger
April 2014 Tsunehito Wake inaugurated as president
September 2014 Under the grant for Monodukuri SME product development support (support operation for prototyping) by Federation of Small Business Associations developed exhaust heat recovering heat exchanger for fuel cells
August 2017 Newly established Sayama Plant
November 2017 General business owner action plan implemented
(Act on Advancement of Measures to Support Raising Next-Generation Children)
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